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Opera… in Oslo?

As you may be aware, Oslo is home to a famous Opera House. It’s design has been applauded world wide as an exemplary piece of contemporary architecture. It was designed to resemble a glacier and an iceberg. It’s made of white marble and granite. The interior is predominantly oak which gives it a wonderfully warm and intimate feeling. The auditorium looks remarkably like that of…

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9 Top Tips for Visiting Vienna

1. Stay in the Innere Stadt Area This speaks for itself. If you stay in the Innere Stadt (Inner City) you will be able to walk to pretty much all the attractions! I always think by walking, you see way more. The land is essentially flat so there’s no hills to worry about. Even if you don’t want to walk, the area is well serviced…

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It’s all Happening at the Hofburg

The Hofburg is one of the largest buildings I have ever seen! It was once the Winter Palace of the Austrian Imperial Family. Now, it holds everything from several museums, two libraries, a chapel, a treasury, the official residence and offices of the Austrian President and a is a temporary home for the Austrian Parliament while the Parliament Building is being refurbished. The best thing…

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The Spectacular Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace (Schloss Schonbrunn) was once the Summer Palace of the Austrian Imperial Family. The Habsburgs ruled over the Austrian Empire for about eight centuries until the abolition of the Imperial Family on 11th November 1918. The Schonbrunn has almost 1500 rooms and the State Rooms, along with so much more, are open to visitors. Beware though, some sections, such as the Orangery, are…

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Embrace your E-Notions

I was delighted to be asked to write a post for The Rose of Tralee International Festival Blog. I can honestly say that applying to become a Rose Escort back in 2016 was one of the best decisions of my life! Applications for the 2019 Rose Escorts are now closed, but you can still apply to be a Rose by clicking here. The Rose of…

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Attending the Opera in Vienna

Ok, so before I start Opera is so so common in Vienna. There are opportunities to buy tickets to everything from full operas, to ballets, to concerts, to recitals and everything in between. I think attending the opera is one of those bucket list things. The other thing I need to point out before we start is that the price of tickets and the quality…

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Hello! I’m Dylan! I’m a Pharmacist by day and an actor by night! Sort of like Batman! I’m told I have Notions (this is an Irish way of saying I’m a little bit posh)! So naturally I try to experience the more fancy aspects of travel without spending a fortune in the process! Come on! Let’s go on tour!